qIs my credit card data sent confidentially and secure?
aYes. Our booking system does not take data from a credit card.  information from credit card use paypal, the safest system for payment over the Internet.

qAre my personal information provided from form protected in your system?
aYes, your data is forward only parties participating in the process of reservations .

qWhy your system requires the details of my credit card?
aWe don’t determine terms reservations, it is up to hotel if they requires data from a credit card than it is  include in their rules of reservations.

qWill the  hotel take a  deposit from my credit card?
aThis option depends on the owner of the hotel, which can choose two ways of payment: deposit or reservation.
The first is a fixed price and the other is in the percentage, which means if the hotel reservation request to use a credit card, to immediately charge the amount in the invoice.

qWhat types of credit cards can be used when booking accommodation?
aMastercard, Visa, American Express and Dinnerclub (details can be found on PayPal’s Web pages  for on line payment).

qCan I use a different credit card or cash to pay for the hotel?
aOf course, credit card requires that the system is used only to pay the deposit when booking. You can use another credit card or cash to pay for the stay at the hotel.

qThe hotel withdrew money from my credit card. How can I return them back?
aOn the occasion of this issue should contact the hotel directly. All information contact about hotel you can find on our site or in conformation mail send by our system.

qI do not have a credit card, how to reserve accommodation?
aUnfortunately, if the selected hotel in our database requires the details of credit cards to pay for the deposit when booking  it is possible to reserve only by credit card.

qHow do I know that my reservation accepted / rejected by the hotel?
aFor confirmation and for reject the system sends you mail with the information in which you can find the status of your reservation.
Also in the e-mail that you receive when booking you can find link for tracking the status of your reservation.

qHow can I change the data from my reservation (time, room, hotel ...)?
aIn case you want to change your reservation advise you to cancel the previous  and then create a new reservation, or by the issue of direct contact the hotel for agreement.

qDo you charge for reservations made through your system?
aNo, our reservation system is completely free for users of accommodation.

qDoes the price includes room and breakfast?
aFor information, see details on the selected hotel.

qDoes the price includes room and local taxes?
aIt is normal for that fee to be included with the price of accommodation, but there are hotels that charge additional local taxes. For more information, see the description of the selected hotels.

qIs it possible to search for non-smoking room?
aOf course, when you fill  reservations form indicate that request.

qI have two small children. Can we ask for additional bed in the room?
aof the hotel provides additional bed. Please for more details, see the selected hotel or contact the hotel.

qWhere can I find instructions for how to get to the hotel?
aOn page with a description of each hotel, there is a link and map areas that are directly linked by satellite system with Google Map.

qI have reserved accommodation but have not received confirmation of the reservation. What  do i have to do?
aPlease check with your Inbox or Spam folder or the e-mail addres provided during the reservation process. If you still need help, please contact us.

qHow can I find out if the hotel provides accommodation for pets?
aPlease for information, see details on the selected hotel.

qWhat are the check-in and chack-out times of a hotel?
aCheck-in and chack-out times are different for each hotel. Precise information for the selected hotel can be found on the details of the selected hotel or contact the hotel.

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Our vbooking agency provides services to our partners through the sameservice provides its services to you. As it every hotelier regulates their offers and is therefore responsible for them. Our commitmentis to provide a smooth and safe operation of the system to the satisfaction of all users.

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Vbooking offering Secured reservations with Lowest Rate on the internet up to 50% saving. In order to complete and improve the tourist offer and your security our team is integrated Go Daddy - Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) to protect all your booking information on our service.

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